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I can no longer offer a file by file service but You can buy the plugins with a 15% discount through the website.  Prices are correct in £ Sterling.

FAQs Regarding Converting Quark Files

Q: “I have a 160 page brochure that is 200Mb. How much will my conversion cost?”
A: Document or file size does not matter. Cost is £5 (or $7) per file.

Q: “How long will my conversion take?”
A: Most files are converted and supplied within an hour. Some larger files may take longer due to upload/download and conversion times. I am UK based so please be aware of any time differences. I manually convert the files so any files uploaded during the night (GMT) will be converted first thing the following morning.

Q: “I have a Quark Xpress Passport document. Can you convert that?”
A: Yes, but only if it has been saved from Quark Xpress Passport as a single language file.

Q: “Do I have to supply fonts and images?”
A: No. Just the Quark file on it’s own.

Q: “Will I need to do anything else to my converted file?”
A: Just check it! Text runaround sometimes changes slightly and may need tweeking and image previews may look different but that’s about as difficult as it will get.

FAQs Regarding Converting PDF and Word Files

Q: “Will I be able to edit the text and images in InDesign”
A: Yes, the document will be converted to a fully editable InDesign file complete with linked images .

Q: “Will the Images be high resolution”
A: The conversion process extracts all images as they are saved within the PDF.  Please supply a high resolution PDF for the bests results.


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